Sustainable practices

Slow production

We prioritize quality over quantity by offering exclusive collections in reduced quantities to avoid waste and overproduction.

The Slow Fashion movement is a response to the Fast Fashion industry, which relies on producing new styles on a monthly or even weekly basis. In contrast, Slow Fashion focuses on producing seasonal collections in smaller quantities and of higher quality. Asago Studio follows this philosophy by only producing capsule collections in small quantities and of the best quality.

With Asago Studio, we hope to encourage consumers to think more carefully about their clothing purchases and appreciate the time and effort that goes into making each collection.

Our minimalist packaging

Asago Studio promotes minimal packaging by eliminating virgin plastic.

Our compostable packaging is designed to reflect our commitment to the environment and sustainability. We have imagined a packaging that highlights the sleek design of our products and that is part of our approach to simplicity. For us, it would not be consistent to create eco-responsible products without the entire customer experience reflecting our values.

Our factories

Asago Studio is a brand that cares about the environment and human well-being. Thus, we use Oeko-Tex certified ecological fabrics for our clothes, thus guaranteeing that our products do not contain any toxic product for the body and the environment. Additionally, we are proud to work with ethical and sustainable manufacturing facilities to produce our items.

Our production plants have BSCI, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certifications. BSCI certification is an initiative led by companies that are committed to improving working conditions in their international supply chains. It proposes a common code of conduct and an action plan applied to all sectors and all countries of production. The GOTS label, meanwhile, guarantees that the products are free of toxic materials, respect labor law and the social conditions of employees.

At Asago Studio, we pride ourselves on respecting every person who contributes to our business, and we are committed to continuing to advance our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that fashion can be beautiful and responsible, and we strive to create products in this philosophy.