Bienvenue dans mon univers de confort conscient !

Welcome to my world of conscious comfort!

Matcha or Coffee?

My first collection was born from my inspiration for the bright and creamy colors of matcha and coffee. I was fascinated by their colors which have great popularity in current trends. The collection I created includes: Matcha or Coffee? Cropped, Matcha or Coffee? Short, Glass Sipper, Asago Cares and Matcha or Coffee? Mini Bag.

I was intrigued by the contrast of green and brown colors in these popular drinks. I chose to combine them to create a harmonious and elegant collection that reflects my artistic inspiration for matcha and coffee, offering a multi-sensory experience for those who wear them.

By creating this collection, I wanted to express my ideas, tell a story and convey emotions by combining the visual, gustatory and tactile aspect.

The idea of ​​capturing the flavors and colors of matcha and coffee in clothes and accessories came to me during the preparation of my matcha, while wearing my green puffer jacket which is just as comforting as my morning drink. This led me to ask myself questions about the correspondences between colors and sensations. I'm sure you too have clothes that reassure you and have a special place in your wardrobe.

This idea stuck in my head and I started to build my collection based on these questions, to offer a comforting and colorful collection. Three months after starting to design my collection, I visited Montreal artist Nelson Henricks' immersive exhibition titled Don't You Like the Green of A? (Don't you like the green of the A?) at the MAC in Montreal. It highlighted the correspondences between the letters and the colors specific to synesthesia*, as if a color could trigger a sound.

In addition to giving me the inspiration for my launch video, Nelson Henricks gave me the answer to my questions about the correspondences between colors and sensations. I understood that my sets could also be a multi-sensory trigger. I therefore created this collection to capture the flavors and colors of matcha and coffee in clothing and accessories, creating a multi-sensory experience for those who wear them, while inviting reflection on the complexity of sensations and the love that one can feel for a garment.

Every morning, treat yourself to the luxury of comfort with our clothes and accessories that transform your morning routine into a soft, pleasant moment, accompanied by a delicious coffee or a delicious matcha. Let our collection wrap you in softness and bring you an incomparable feeling of comfort from the start of your day.

*Synaesthesia is a genetic trait that allows people to see music, associate letters with colors, or taste pictures. Each synesthete person has different characteristics that are unique to them.

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