Montréal | Matcha au quotidien 🍵

Montreal | Matcha on a daily basis 🍵

Hello ! I will answer the famous question "matcha or coffee?", and I must say that I am team matcha. I've been drinking an iced matcha every morning for almost a year, summer and winter, and sometimes I even take it with me to work. And promise it doesn't taste like bitter grass when done right!

If this is your first matcha, I recommend trying a sweet version. Personally, I really like matcha sweetened with maple syrup. And for a matcha latte, I prefer to use oat milk.

Good discovery of my best places to taste matcha in Montreal!

1. My Matcha

I must admit that I quickly prepare my matcha by mixing two scoops of a mixture of organic cane sugar and matcha into my oat milk. For this, I use the matcha latte from Jade Leaf which I particularly like because it is very practical when I am in a hurry. Plus, it mixes easily for hot or cold matcha.

🧾1kg/$60 - 2.2lb/$60



2. My bulk matcha

I make my homemade matcha every morning with oat milk and maple syrup. I get matcha powder from Coop UQAM, near the Berri metro station. The advantage is that matcha is sold in bulk and there are two quality options available. It's a delight !

🧾100g/14.50$ - 0.22lb/14.50$

📍Berri-UQAM metro station, 505 Sainte Catherine Street East, Montreal


3. My Plan B

When I don't have the time or the energy to make my homemade matcha, I turn to my plan B: Second Cup Coffee. It's definitely not the healthiest matcha, but it's how I fell in love with matcha.

Second Cup Coffee is a great back-up for those rough mornings as it's only 3 minutes from my house and on the subway route. In addition, in Montreal, there are about twenty Second Cup establishments, which makes it an easily accessible option.

🧾A large iced matcha with oat milk for $7

📍1151 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal


4. My matcha to chill

To slowly savor my matcha, I go to Café SAT near Place des Arts. Here you can enjoy your matcha in a real cup while working or reading a book next to the large bay windows. I could stay there for hours.


📍6 Market Square, Montreal


5. My discovery matcha

If I want to discover new tastes of matcha, I go to Matcha Zanmai. Besides their delicious matcha lattes, they have an amazing matcha ice cream. This is a must-try for true matcha fans.


📍 1428 Mackay St, Montreal


6. My post-yoga matcha

After a yoga session on Friday mornings, I like to go to "We are coffee" from time to time to drink a delicious matcha latte. The cups are really cute with positive messages and the matcha latte is amazing. This is a must visit place in Montreal!


📍180 Rue Pince-Arthur East, Montreal

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