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Adopt a coral on Asago Studio to preserve marine biodiversity!

Global warming, overfishing and pollution are all factors that endanger coral reefs and their biodiversity. Thus, the coral, which is home to nearly 2 million different species and protects more than 150,000 kilometers of coastline from erosion, is now threatened with extinction.

Coral Guardian

Faced with this ecological emergency, Coral Guardian, a French association which fights for the protection of coral ecosystems by involving local populations, offers to adopt a coral. The principle is simple: for 30 Euros/45 CA dollars, you become the "owner" of a coral, which will then be transplanted into the reefs of the island of Hatamin, in Indonesia. In return, you receive an adoption certificate with a photo, its GPS location and the name of the member of the Coral Guardian team who will transplant it.

A salaried team of 8 people, most of whom are former fishermen, work full time on the project to restore and protect the coral reefs in this area. Each month is punctuated by a work routine including an aspect of restoration, awareness, scientific monitoring and protection of the marine protected area.

Disappearing reefs

Global warming has dramatic consequences on coral reefs. In just ten years, coral has lost 14% of its global population and by 2022, 91% of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by bleaching. Unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions have devastating consequences on coral reefs. In particular, they cause an increase in ocean water temperature and ocean acidification, which lead to massive coral bleaching each year.

Coral Guardian is sounding the alarm on the risk of the total disappearance of corals by 2050 if concrete measures are not taken. Faced with this emergency, the rapid restoration of coral ecosystems is essential.

Why is coral so important to the marine ecosystem?

Coral reefs occupy less than 0.2% of the oceans, but are home to between 25% and 30% of marine species. They serve as a breeding ground for many species, protect the coasts from erosion and storms, and are a source of hope for medical research. In addition, around 500 million people depend on coral reef fishing.

Thanks to donations

Thanks to the donations received, Coral Guardian has already succeeded in transplanting more than 40,000 corals in the damaged reefs of this area, thus allowing marine biodiversity to gradually re-establish itself and local populations to continue to live from fishing.

Since 2015, the association has been working in collaboration with the local association WES around the island of Hatamin, in the northwest of Flores, near the Komodo National Park. The application for declaration of this area as a marine protected area was accepted in September 2019 by the Indonesian government, testifying to the importance of the work carried out by Coral Guardian and its partners for the preservation of the marine environment.


You can adopt a coral on Asago Studio at the bottom of the article, you help support the restoration of coral ecosystems, preserve marine biodiversity and raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the oceans.

Asago Studio does not receive any profit, 100% of donations will be used for the adoption and planting of your coral by Coral Guardian.

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